Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Book of Books

There is no more fitting a title then the title of "The Book of Books." Written by Trevor Dennis, this new bible interpretation is beautiful to look at and beautiful to read.

Released in January 2012, this complete bible captures the attention of all who read it. Intended for young adults, each section has a thorough, concise, informational and easy to read back ground of  who, when and why it was written. The bible stories themselves are very approachable yet very true to scripture. I appreciate that he made the bible easy to chew on for younger readers but not watered down as some versions for children tend to do.

Since it arrived in the mail, the whole family has enjoyed reading from this book. We even took it with us on a road trip and read it the entire way! You've heard me praise"The Jesus Storybook"  by Sally Loyd Jones for children. Now, I will add to my recommendations "The Book of Books" not just for young adults but families and adults alike. We will have this book forever and will continue to read this version of the bible bit by bit as a family as well as using it as a reference to gain insight and interpretation for bible study and other questions.

Like most of my book reviews, I'd offer a drawing to win a free copy . . . but the Marsh family is quite attached! You'll have to get your copy . . . and you won't be disappointed that you did. 


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