Friday, June 1, 2012

Marsh's in the Dark

We have been in the dark the last three weeks. Not in the dark dark. We have lights and lots of beautiful  windows in our new home to brighten the days. We have been without TV . . . and without the internet. Now let me first address the internet. It has been driving me crazy. I'm not on the computer ten hours a day. I check my email once or twice a day, check a couple great blogs and post one here every once in a while. Without it, I have felt like I've been in a lonely cave. BUT - no TV has been amazing. Initially, I started to worry about the shows we like to watch and won't be taped and we won't be able to watch and blah blah blah. BUT - two days in, nobody missed it or even cared. We started reading a bunch more together. We all went to bed sooner because we weren't distracted by "just one more show." We had more mindless conversations together. We played more games. Overall, it was fantastic. Yesterday, the TV and internet were fixed. I was/am excited to check my email (I had 56 messages . . . lots of junk mail but some fun as well), post a blog, and read some long missed blogs of friends. But as soon as I heard the TV turned on downstairs, I got a little misty. I'm gonna miss the quiet evenings. I'm gonna miss having to create some fun without pointless distraction. BUT - I know that we have made some good habits. And wouldn't you know . . . we enjoyed an episode of chopped together as a family, and turned off the set. Sorry TV . . . you've gonna get a bit dusty around here.

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