Sunday, June 10, 2012

Having a HAY Day . . .

Hannah's birthday party was spent at the local equestrian center with our new favorite horse teacher (Miss Pam) and our new favorite horses (Molly and Cross Fire). The kids had so much fun!!

The only trouble we had was when we tried to like the candles on our "Ranch Animal Cupcakes" . . . we tried to light the candles . . .

And we tried to light the candles . . .

And finally, with many hands, we successfully lit the candles!!

It was a wonderful celebration for a wonderful little girl. And the equestrian center (if you're local, you HAVE to check this place out . . . ask me for the name!) took care of everything . . . horse lessons, horse rides, races, hula hoops, pinata, goodie bags, decorations, set up, tables and chairs and even napkins . . . and it was all led by Miss Pam. Do you know what I did? I stepped back and enjoyed watching my little girl have a wonderful birthday party! I didn't have to clean, or serve, or entertain . . . and I don't have ANY clean up to do after the party!! Thank you thank you thank you Miss Pam for making Miss Hannah's 9th birthday so special!

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  1. Happy Birthday dear Miss Hannah! You are such a beautiful, kind-hearted, smart, and lovely girl. We can't wait to see you next month!


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