Thursday, July 12, 2012

New Roof

I realized I haven't written a blog posting in a long time. Why? We have been enjoying summer to much to stop and even look at the computer. We've had rainy days of playing games, breezy days in the backyard, and sunny warm days at the lake with friends.

The new adventure this week is . . . a new roof. It's exciting and wonderful but LOUD!! It sounds like someone is going to fall through every second of the day.

And yes, that is my hubby enjoying getting in on the fun of ripping and tearing and hammering. It has been the hottest week we've had this entire summer so the amazing men working on this project are sweating like crazy. So far they've gone through a case of waters and countless amounts of Gatorade (we're keeping the cooler full as we didn't buy the heat stroke insurance!!)

During all this loud craziness, the girls and I decided to take off for a day at the zoo with some fun long time friends.

There were plenty of opportunities to photograph the incredible animals we saw but I thought I'd focus on my little monkeys instead. The Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle is like no other. Evey animal has a beautiful natural habitat and there is so much to see . . . We enjoyed lots of viewing and laughing and picnicking and exploring and marveling at all the different kinds of animals. I was questioning how people can deny a creator when you really look at the diverse shapes and sizes . . . could you have thought up a giraffe, a hippo, a toucan or a porcupine?

What a wonderful day it was. I could have stayed forever. Haley (our little animal lover) was awestruck and amazed. She stood the longest at each exhibit and took in each little thing. When I asked her what her favorites were at the end of the day she said the taper because she'd never seen anything like it and the wart hogs because they were a brand new exhibit and I think she felt like she discovered a new species or something. I loved watching the whole thing through her eyes.

As I type, the banging continues. I hope I have a chance to publish before some hard working man falls through the ceiling and lands on my computer.

Hope you're enjoying the pace of summer . . . the possibilities of endless adventures . . . and the memories you're making with your family each day.


  1. Getting a new roof is always exciting, even with all the load noise around. You’re lucky to have a husband that knows a thing or two about how to replace a roof. Here’s a piece of advice for him: it would be best to avoid working while the sun is at its highest because this increases the risk of suffering from a heatstroke. Anyway, from the photo, the roof looks amazing! Your husband and his friend really did an amazing job!

  2. Fixing the roof sounds like a fun adventure for your family! But, too much exposure to the sun up on the roof can be dangerous. Good thing no one suffer a heatstroke. Remember to keep hydrated while working on the roof, and as much as possible, avoid long exposures to midday sun. Anyway, the roof looks great. Your husband and the guys can really be called amazing!

  3. Haha! Leaving the hard work to the man of the house, I see! Applying sunscreen can protect his skin from the scorching sun. Keeping guard rails, safety nets, and personal fall arrest systems at hand will protect your husband from falling off the roof. You should remind him to bring those with him next time he tries to fix your roof, as a safety precaution.

    William Gulliver

  4. Although it's better to work on the roof when the sun is shining rather than when it is raining, it's not ideal to work when the sun is at its peak. Extreme heat can cause dizziness and the reflection of the sun can intervene with the workers as they cannot see the shingles they are hammering. In that case, there's a chance that they wouldn't nail the shingles properly on the roof. Thus, it may come off easily. It's better to work in the morning, as the sun's not that hot as it is during the midday. Then, continue working at dusk.

  5. I think the roof's repair was a win-win situation for your family. For one, you and your kids have had a bonding time in the zoo, while your husband finished the roof without interruption. It is a good decision that you went out for a while with your kids, so your husband can concentrate on the task at hand: the roof.


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