Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Legacy Questioned

In an interesting and engaging novel, Graham Garrison explores the dilema of creating your own future while dealing with the past. 

How much does our upbringing and history determine our future? In evaluating who we want to be when we grow up, how much is swayed by our experiences as a child, both good and bad? "Legacy Road" faces the challenges of one young man's journey to understand and come to grips with his past relationships while attepting to move forward in his life.

Graham Garrison addresses a journey many of us face as we approach our adulthood. The story follows a graduate student on the hunt for civil war letters and locations who finds himself hunting for the truth of his past and plan for his future. The tale was intreging and the end result was both heart warming and growing for all involved chareacters. 

If you're interested in receiving a free copy of this book, respond in the comments sections and the winner will be notified. 


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