Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Jesus Scandals (GB T.A.Marsh)

Hello all! This is Guest Blogger Travis Marsh, husband of said blogger Karla.  After avoiding most of Facebook, all of Twitter, never Skyping and rarely reading anyone's blog except this one, I am going to post my first "blog".  Or is it blog my first post? Post a blog? Bost the first Plog? AHH..why am I so old?!

Karla gave me the book "The Jesus Scandals" by David Instone-Brewer (Kregel Pub) to read, thinking it would be right up my alley.  Well, she was right. This book surprised me with its easily flow, fruitful (and often surprising) insight and personal stories that relate to the everyday reader.

What David Instone-Brewer has basically done is take the actions of Jesus and plainly describe the enormous impact on the culture of his day.  While I know nearly every story that he cites in the book, what I didn't know was the details of the historical cultural view. He truly brought new light to many of Jesus's actions that I had never heard.  As I progressed through each topic, I would turn to Karla and say "Did you know this???" or "Listen to this!" as I shared the author's extremely competent historical knowledge. There were several stories in the bible that all of a sudden clicked for me. 

David Instone-Brewer shows how Jesus was the most scandalous person of not only his day but centuries.  David is able to give current, real life examples of what would happen if Jesus actually did these actions now.  For example he gives insight in to how children were treated/abused and how Jesus challenged this. He brings forth some incredible history of divorce and how the church may have gotten the "sexual immorality only" part wrong. From bad table manners to supplanting Passover, David clearly shows how Jesus threw everyone for a loop.  Did you know that being single at age 30 as Jesus was in that culture was viewed as very rare and despised?

The book itself is broken up into short, easy sections to read.  I promise that this book will have you thinking, questioning, asking for days.  It will spur you to look for more answers and give clarity to areas you never knew needed it. I highly recommend this book to all those interested.

Thanks Karla, this was fun.  Felt similar to writing a paper for college, but without the worry of grades or the smelly dude in the back of the classroom.

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