Saturday, May 15, 2010

Another Movie Review . . .

With Travis out of town, I decided it was a great night for a chick flick . . . I settled the girls in bed, set myself up with a glass of Cabernet and a plate of brie cheese and crackers and began the journey of Julie and Julia . . .

What's not to love? It's about blogging and eating and cooking and re-inventing your self into something you dream about . . . it's fun and funny and about building relationships that count and aspiring to do something that's hard . . . and did I mention blogging?!

I'd recommend this movie . . . definitely for adults (with a moderate amount of strong language and a large amount of martini drinking from Julie) . . . but enjoy . . . and I'll send out a Julie quote - is anyone out there? you are reading this aren't you? . . . and from Julia - to me cooking is as wonderful as buying a dress . . . especially because there are no dresses in the country of France that fit me!!

It made me hungry, made me laugh, and made me so glad to be a blogger . . . enjoy!
Bon Appetitte . . .

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  1. This has got to be one of my favorite-ever movies. I loved it!

    I so wish we would have been in town this weekend for a visit with you!!! :(


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