Monday, May 17, 2010

The Duggar Family . . .

I have finished reading a fabulous book full of insight, fun, great ideas, and inspiration . . . I have enjoyed watching the Duggar family on TV and thought I'd search the library website to find a book . . . here it is. I was impressed with the easy to follow recipes, inside on how the family got to be "the Duggars on TV" and incredible ideas for purposeful parenting and intentional family time . . . there were so many ideas, this will definitely be a book I purchase to add to my book shelf to re-read and pass on to friends. One of my favorite tips of all was reading one chapter of Proverbs everyday . . . there are 31 chapters in Proverbs and 30 or 31 days per month so - on the 5th, you read the 5th chapter . . .on the 17th, you read the 17th chapter . . . simple tip with amazing room for impact for yourself or your family . . . as a side note, although I am fully impressed and awed by this family, I'm okay not have 20 kids . . . )

Happy Reading . . .

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