Saturday, May 22, 2010

Exercising Other Things . . .

Now that I have admitted my current goals of exercising . . . I thought it'd be good to share the other ways I'm "exercising" to return to health . . .

After returning home from two long hospital stays for my chronic asthma and the side effects that follow, my sweet mother-in-law gave me this book . . . 90 Days with Jesus. It's a daily bible study/devotional/journal. Each day has a few chapters of scripture to read first, a few questions to answer, a page of Beth Moore's reflections then a page for writing your prayer based on the scripture and lesson you just had.

First of all, I love Beth Moore . . . I have done quite few of her "group studies" . . . my favorite being "Living Beyond Yourself - the fruit of the spirit", had the amazing opportunity of seeing her live in Vancouver with a group of ladies from my church a few years ago, and just recently went to simulcast of her new book "So Long Insecurity - you've been a bad friend to us."

Secondly, I have been in need of a way to push myself personally to process, grow and recover in all ways of of myself (physically, emotionally, and spiritually). I have enjoyed spending time each night in God's word, hearing from Beth Moore's perspective, and spending some time in focused prayer . . . I'm 21 days in . . . I take that back . . . 21 nights in . . . it has been such a great way to end each day before I go to bed - gives me a place to reflect on the day and look forward to the next . . . and normally I wouldn't recommend or review a book until I was finished BUT perhaps you want to jump in with me? Join me on this adventure of new strength in all areas? Or maybe this is one more place for accountability as I push myself towards wellness and recovery . . .

Thank you Beth Moore for once again creating an experience to process scripture, learn more about what it says, and draw closer to Jesus . . . the true source of my strength.

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