Tuesday, May 18, 2010


In case this is a new concept to you, there is a new workout sensation called "ZUMBA" . . . it's super fun aerobics (think our moms jazzersize) that I used to love doing pre-asthma drama . . . because of my lung function (or lac there of) and my compromised immune system (a wonderful side effect of all the prednisone) I have been out for many months . .

My fabulous and persistent neighbor Mandy has invited me to come back week after week since my release from the hospital and every week I say no. For a while the no was because I literally couldn't walk up the stairs more than once a day without experiencing asthma . . . but after that, I think I was scared - what would happen if I 'pushed' my lungs again . . . what if this sparked another asthma flareup . . . what if . . .

Until today . . . Mandy asked me again and today, I said yes. . . I laced up my tennis shoes and away we went to shake it at Zumba . . .

AND IT WAS INCREDIBLE . . . I couldn't even talk about it as we left because it was so emotional. I was amazed by God's grace in my life. What an incredible journey this has been . . . and what a blessing tonight was . . . to move my body, feel my muscles function again, my lungs breathing full strong breaths as we stretched . . . I am so thankful . . . (and probably won't be able to move tomorrow . . . but totally worth it!!!)

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  1. So, so glad to read this. Put a big smile on my face. Sending hugs your way, friend!


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