Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"Dreams" . . .

Today, after an incredible MOPS brunch, and during the set up of the Moppet Brunch, Haley had a melt-down in child care . . . the kind that other moms (who were helping with child care) have to come and tell you . . . yes, that kind. Needless to say, I had to leave Moppet Brunch and bring home my little four year old bundle of mess . . .

When we got home, I fed her a snack, gave her a good amount of snuggling and asked if she'd like to watch a movie (a good rest time for the non-napper). She chose the Disney Princess Sing Along . . . during the movie, the fairy godmother narrator says, "here is a song that says, if you wish for something, all your dreams come true" - to which Haley responded, "Mom, I have wished to be Snow White and all my dreams are not coming true?!"

What followed was a chuckle inside my head and a good conversation about whats real and not real and how just because you wish something, it doesn't always come true . . . and the don't-break-their-heart side of me says, keep on wishing sweetie . . . maybe someday you'll turn into Snow White . . . the been-through-a-lot-of-real-life-that's-not-been-of-my-dreams . . . I remember the line in the "songs for my sons" song . . . "I can't promise that life will always go the way it should, but I can promise that God is always good." (and Haley, keep wishing and dreaming and using your imagination, and snuggling your momma when things are tough . . . )

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