Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day Seven . . . SEA WORLD

You would not even believe all we saw and did today . . . from a Shamu show, to new Elmo rides, to a Cirque de Mar show right on the ocean, to feeding sting rays and bat rays, to watching a seal show, to feeding flamingos, to watching a dolphin/acrobat show, to eating a yummy lunch and Shamu inspired dessert, to walking through the shark encounter, to feeding some noisy sea lions, to experiencing a 4D Sesame Street production, to walking through the penguin encounter and adding two new special stuffed animals to our collection, to creating family memories and having a fabulous full day at one of the worlds most amazing parks . . .

From door step to door step, we had an 11 hour day! I could not believe how well the kiddos did today and how long they lasted - we had no set time . . . just thought we'd see what we could see . . . and we learned, we could see a whole lot!!!  

I think everyone will sleep a bit longer tonight . . . and certainly dream of all the magical things we saw today!! Thanks Shamu and friends for a wonderful experience!!

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