Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Helping a friend . . .

Yesterday we had a special play date with our friend Trevor. Today Trevor is going in for a heart surgery - he was born with a special heart that has needed some special care. At 9 months he had a major open heart surgery and now, at age 5, he is having a cath surgery to keep his little heart healthy.

His genius parents and doctors have hooked him up with everything heart surgery related - a shot, an oxygen mask, a set of booties and hats, a cloth doll with scars and markings from surgery etc. Haley and Trevor spent a good half hour preforming surgery and medical procedures. . .

I love how simple and wonderful and accepting kids are. Life is not scary full of what ifs - it just is . . . and new experiences are just that - new and to be explored . . . and when a little friend is having a big surgery, you just sit down on the floor and practice procedures with him.

We're praying for you Trevor (and mom and dad) . . . and can't wait to play with you again soon.

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