Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pre-Wedding Fun . . .

We had the fun privilege to head up to Bellingham this weekend for some pre-wedding fun with my sister. Saturday we attended a bridal shower at her church and got to meet lots of special ladies in support of her upcoming nuptials. Sunday, we attended service at her church and hung out with "auntie" at her sweet apartment. Then on Monday, we (my mom, my girls, my sister, and her friend also in the wedding Jacky) headed up to Canada to a beautiful bridal shop for the final dress fitting . . .my sister looked like a beautiful bride but just in case my future brother-in-law attempts to preview the dress, I'll refrain from posting photos till after the big day!!

Our first stop was an adorable coffee shop with cushy chairs, amazing chandeliers and fancy coffee pouring - my latte made me soooo happy!! Look at the swirls!! I love Starbucks but watch out - this is fabulous!

Wishing  I could share more pictures as it was a truly beautiful dress . . . soon . . . so soon . . . it's amazing how quickly the last month of wedding preparations go . . . and can't believe how grown up my baby sister has become - she is truly a beautiful woman of God and will make an absolutely stunning bride . . . looking forward to the big day!!

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