Thursday, July 1, 2010

Day Fourteen . . .

This morning we headed out for another day on the ocean . . . yes, we have the same ocean in Washington but NOT the same beaches . . . nothing beats the soft sand and amazingly warm waves to jump and play in . . . the girls were covered from head to toe with sand and sea water . . . as were the grown ups.

We made sand castles, buried our feet, and made a sand wall that didn't last very long against the crashing waves . . . we ate some "sand"whiches as our hands never truly got clean but no one minded the extra grit looking out at the incredible view.

After showers, the girls were off to play in the villa. They are enjoying running around outside and playing with their little Sea World penguins. It has been such an incredible vacation . . . I can't believe we have been away from home this long . . . and keep having so many fun experiences . . . Travis and I are off for a date tonight - dinner at the resort restaurant and a movie at the local theatre . . . I don't think I can convince Travis to go with me to the new Twilight movie . . . you ladies back home - and you know who you are - better be ready to go see it again with me when I get back!!

This has been the most incredible time for all of us . . . a wonderful balance between family time and couple time and swimming and amusement park visiting and eating amazing food and seeing amazing things . . . we will be happy to be snug in our own beds upon our return but will certainly be dreaming of our fabulous time here in sunny California . . . couldn't be nicer!!

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