Thursday, July 1, 2010

Day Eleven . . .

Today we ran some errands in Escondido to set us up for another week and while at the local grocery
store, our rental car was hit by a less than friendly elderly woman named "Joan" . . . I'll save you the adult dialogue that she proceeded to have with my husband (after doing the hitting?!) and the steps we had to take in order to report the whole thing to the rental agency (whom we thankfully got the limited insurance plan from) and just say that it was a bummer . . . but we moved on . . . (the damage was not huge - a scratch that they can probably buff out - just not part of the vacation plan . . . )

We all had lunch at a French restaurant that was fabulous. Travis had the beef bourguignon which reminded me of Julie and Julia and inspired me to try to figure out the recipe upon our return home . . . it was INCREDIBLE!! We bought some almond pastries to enjoy the next morning at breakfast.

When we got home to Lawrence Welk, we noticed a Farmers Market that was set up within the villas . . . the girls got to have a pony ride, we bought some yummy local fruits and vegetables, and even ate some African food for dinner . . . quite a world wide eating day!

The grand finale of the day was a bit of fishing in the Lawrence Welk stock pond . . . unfortunately, the fish are to smart to the whole process and preceded to nibble off all the bait and run away . . .

We didn't catch a thing but had a great time enjoying the sunset by the pond . . . and Hannah became quite the little caster by the end of the evening . . . another great vacation day!

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