Saturday, July 3, 2010

Vacation Book Review number two . . .

I finished another book on vacation . . . always a satisfying thing to me . . . to put down another book completed cover to cover.

This book, The Shack, is an interesting read. Previous to picking it up, I'd read conflicting reports - those who loved it and those who didn't . . . those who thought it brought great clarity and thought on the trinity and other issues of God's love and those who felt it tried to hard to be another biblical interpretation . . . so where did this book leave me? Somewhere in between these two camps of thinking.

There were moments in this difficult story of a family's great loss of a child and the aftermath that followed in which I felt uncomfortable with an author trying to put words into God's mouth . . . and other moments in which I found myself pondering "what if ?"

Overall, I'm not necessarily disappointed that I read this book . . . my favorite line says something about the past - you can learn from it but only for a quick visit . . .not an extended stay. It was a good reminder not to dwell in the past of which you can do nothing to change. It also had some challenging thoughts on why forgiveness is such an important process - not for the person who did the wrong but for the person left to deal with the pieces. But, I didn't feel as though it should be read as the gospel truth - just taken as one person's opinion of what it'd be like to have a conversation with God in a face to face in person. But again, that's just my opinion . . .

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