Thursday, July 1, 2010

Day Twelve . . . LEGOLAND!!

Today was the day we'd been looking forward to for a whole year . . . a visit to LEGO LAND!! Grandma and Grandpa stayed home to have a day of rest . . . we missed them at the park but had soooo much fun!!

The girls rode in motorized cars . . .

Participated in a joust on horses . . .

As a family we tried the fire safety challenge (in which three families enter these adorable fire trucks, use hand pumps to drive it across the track, hop out and spray with water cannons until the "fire" goes out, jumps back into the fire truck, pumps back to the other side again and the first family back is the winner . . .) and  the Marsh Family WON!!

Visited Mini Land - an entire city built out of Lego blocks . . . complete with the Las Vegas strip, a Mardi Gras parade, the White House, Lincoln memorial, the capital building with a real marching parade and much, much more . . .

And we didn't get many more pictures because we were so busy riding every ride in the entire park . . . from airplanes, to boat rides to big dragon roller coasters . . . we had so much fun and stayed till they closed - much longer than we thought possible with a seven and a four year old . . . the girls spent the whole day bouncing up and down, laughing and having a fabulous time . . . and so did mom and dad!! This is such a cool amusement park made for younger kiddos and a surprising amount of fun . . . we hardly waited in any lines, every ride we went on was more fun than the next, and the Lego theme is so family friendly - we had a great day!!

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