Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First Day of School Part 1

Today Hannah and Travis had their first day of school. Although I did not get up early enough to get Travis' picture in his new first day outfit (sorry honey), I did capture Hannah in all her excitement. She chose to wear a skirt that she made with Grandma . . . incredible really . . . and absolutely adorable. She was so proud to show her new teacher and classmates what she did over the summer.

It was her idea to wear the shockingly bright blue socks. She said, "It's my new style mom." Can't argue with style!!

Although I truly enjoyed driving her back and forth to school last year, she was really excited to start the school year on the bus so we've decided to enjoy it for a few weeks and see how it goes. She stood with her neighbor friend in smiles and giggles and excitement. She waved and hopped right aboard.

Upon arriving back home this afternoon, she was full of stories of her new teacher, her new classroom, and the new friends she's already made. (Including one she can't remember her name . . . "but mom she's really nice and maybe I'll learn it in a few days!!")

Welcome to 3rd grade little miss . . . looking forward to watching you learn and grow this year!

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