Monday, September 12, 2011

Haley's First Day

Today was the big day . . . the moment she has been waiting for since Hannah started four years ago . . . Haley's first day of Kindergarten!!! We started a chain link countdown a week and a half ago and this morning she was filled with excitement to cut the final chain. (Mommy felt a bit of a heart ache as she did . . . )

Daddy took the morning off so he could celebrate the big day with us. She put on her first day outfit (the one she's worn and I've washed at least five times in anticipation) and couldn't wait to put on her backpack. She is very proud of the Hello Kitty design she chose.

We all walked out to the door and headed to the bus (it took all our parental power to hold her in the house a second longer . . . she was happy to wait outside up to a half an hour . . .)

As the bus pulled up, we walked her across the street. She walked up the steps and never looked back.

The bus pulled away and the tears came for Momma. I was not expecting to be so emotional . . . she has been so excited for this moment and I figured, I've already done this once before, I was ready for the good bye. At that moment however, it struck me as a big good bye . . . it was the end of an age . . . my little buddy, who has come with me on every little errand and appointment and adventure has left the nest (at least for two or three days a week) . . . and I now have a few days a week of quiet and ability to make my own schedule (which I'm sure will be lovely in the future . . . now it feels a bit lonely). I am ready to grow with my girls and am filled with excitement for this next page in our adventure . . . but can't fight back a few tears on this big day.

She climbed off the bus with a huge smile on her face and said, "It was so exciting!! I can't wait to call grandma!" I couldn't hug her tight enough or listen to her prattle on about the new friends she's made or be more impressed by the red colored apple she made today. It's the little things . . . the little moments . . . the years are so short . . . and the big times of transition remind you of just how incredible the little ones are.


  1. Big hugs for you today! What a big girl- she will be the light of her teacher's day, that I know. Praying you through this transition. It's a biggie.

    Love you, girl.

  2. How exciting for Haley! Such a big girl. Wish I was living closer to keep you company during your days home alone during this new transition! You can always call or email if you get bored :)


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