Friday, September 16, 2011

Sometimes You Just Gotta . . .

Hannah came home from school yesterday with a bit of frustration. She said there were some boys in her class being noisy causing them all to miss 5 minutes of recess. As an adult, this sounds like an over reaction on my part. . . then I remembered what it was like to be in 3rd grade and miss 5 minutes of recess . . . the world might have well ended. I said, "Hannah, what do you think would help you get over this frustration?" She said, "I just want to crumple something up and throw it." . . . sometimes you just gotta . . .

After our impromptu anger management therapy session, we were all giggling. She especially liked the part when I decided to take pictures and she got to throw them at me. I should take more advice from my 8 year old . . . when the day gets rough or the moment is frustrating, sometimes you just gotta crumple something up and throw it.

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