Monday, March 12, 2012

Family Ministry

My friends at Kregel publishing recently sent me another book to review titled "Trained in the Fear of God" by Rnady Stinson and Timothy Paul Jones. It is an in depth look at the history of family ministry and some ideas and perspectives on how to include it practically in the church now.

There are so many books to be read . . . some cover to cover and some browsed as a reference. I found this book difficult to get into initially but when I got over my need to read every word, I was able to appreciate the overview and thoughts presented.

I found the crux of the book to address the much needed topic of getting the family involved in the church community. There are many schools of thoughts on how to reach people and present the gospel to children and adults alike.The initial thought that I found interesting is how much our modern churches focus on separating each individual group. We have "children's ministry" and "Sunday school" and "men's breakfasts" and "ladies bible studies" and "vacation bible studies" and all of these are fantastic and serve their purpose. But how often do we focus on integrating the whole family as one group to teach, grow and involve?

There are so many things we know but don't do on a daily basis. In the home, it's having dinner together and asking each other questions about the day. This can be such an amazing time of fellowship and deep conversation and teaching and laughter. What is the church equivalent of "dinner at the table"? And how as a congregation are we encouraging such growth?

Randy Stinson and Timothy Paul Jones combine thoughts and ideas from many resources and present clear, practical tips and ideas for the church to equip, encourage, and minister to the family.

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