Monday, March 12, 2012

A New Do

The girls were discussing hair (that's what girls do you know)  and Hannah decided she wanted to get hers cut . . . that afternoon if possible. The search was on. We stopped by a few generic master cut like places and found the environment less that wonderful and the stylists (although I'm sure wonderful people) didn't look like those who we'd want a haircut from. (I'm so sorry if you are an employee or affiliate of said hair cutting establishments - no harm intended) After much searching I told Hannah we'd try one more place and if they were closed or didn't have an opening, we were giving up for the day.

Behind a grocery store, down a residential side street, we found the cutest salon ever . . . and they fit us in with a smile even though they had quite a few customers being pampered themselves. Needless to say, Hannah had a great time and was thrilled with her new do.

If you happen to mosey around the Arlington area and need a new haircut in the most adorable location with the friendliest stylists, check out Studio 5 (and tell them the cutest 8 year old around sent ya!)

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