Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Full of Talent

My darling oldest daughter Hannah decided she wanted to try out for the school talent show. It blew us away. Not that she is not talented - she amazes me with how fast she is picking up the piano and how wonderful she plays. But because my little tiny girl who hid behind me in play dates, wanted to step in front of a theater full of people all by herself and share her talent.

Of course, we said yes. Together, we spent time after school auditioning. Then, we spent more time at a dress rehearsal. And then, at last, the big night came. She was thrilled that I spent some time curling her hair and putting on a bit of make up. She is growing into such a beautiful young lady.

She played her recital song from last summer as she didn't have time to fully prepare anything else . . . and she played it perfectly without one little misstep. (I'll try to figure out how to put a link of the video here?!) It's incredible to watch our little ones grow up right before our eyes.

To my beautiful little girl Hannah, I am thankful everyday that you are my daughter. You have so much poise, grace, gentleness and faith. It is an honor to be your mom and I adore you. I am so proud of you for sharing your God-given talent with those around you. Keep following His path . . . He has an amazing plan for your life!

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