Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Wonderful Girls

I don't love mornings. Duh . . my hubby would say. But it's the truth. (Can I blame genetics as my mom doesn't like mornings either?) Anyway . . . back to my story. I don't love mornings but I have vowed to be up with the girls every morning fixing breakfast, fixing their hair, giving minor clothes advice (I want them to be their very own self but there has to be a tiny bit of persuasion sometimes) and driving them to school.

Most mornings we're good. Some mornings we're frazzled. Sometimes we're early. Sometimes we're barley on time. Sometimes I make pancakes. Sometimes we're grabbing granola bars on our way out. And now that they are older, it's been very helpful that they can get started on toast or whatnot. (Although even making toast can turn into a pair of bicker-sons that erase any helpfulness the toast making was.)

This morning, however, was my very favorite at all time. Without me knowing it, the girls got themselves up, got dressed without suggestions, Hannah practiced her piano, they made breakfast for themselves and each other and woke me up like this . . .

There are many days that are so exhausting. Times when I am sick of dishes, sick of laundry and sick of cooking. There are times when I don't feel like anyone listens to me. (Haven't I been teaching manners for the past 8 years?) There are times when I can't wait for bedtime so I can sit down and breath. But this morning, I was speechless, overwhelmed and so grateful. They were so selfless, caring and thoughtful. I had such an incredible day and felt so blessed to be a momma. There are surprise moments like today that put the dailies in perspective and make it all worth it.

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