Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Crazy Life . . .

So I found this wacky dude by accident when I was at the library about a year ago when I picked up a book titled "The Year of Living Biblically" . . . for a reason unknown, A. J. Jacobs decides to live the bible literally . . . not cut his hair based on an old testament verse, follow protocol for a real offering etc. His writing is hilarious, his mission interesting and the results worth a read.

Imagine my delight when I realize this interesting fellow wrote another book. This time, it's a chapter by chapter account of different "rules" or "missions" he decides to live out for a month each. Some of the ideas include outsourcing his daily tasks for a month (think buying his spouse a birthday gift, emailing his boss, ordering stuff on line and even calling his mother for him) and pretending to be famous even attending an awards show.

Why would anyone want to put themselves in crazy situations when life is crazy enough? As he says in his intro, "I'm drawn to these experiments because I'm a writer. And a writer who is cursed with a relatively uneventful upbringing. My dad was not a carny or a drunk or a spy, as far as I know. My ordinary life doesn't merit a book. So I put myself in extraordinary situations, and see what happens."

I found him quirky, goofy, down right ridiculous sometimes but overall intrigued and interested . . . when I'd read a section to Travis however, he'd just shake his head and say, "He's one strange dude."

Have a great weekend . . . off to read more books.

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