Thursday, September 16, 2010


The air has turned crisper, the school bus is a twice a day sight, the sun goes to bed earlier, I'm wanting to curl up on the couch each night (who am I kidding - all day too) with a good book a cup of coffee . . . it must be fall . . .

This year, we have welcomed in fall with a few bits of decorating . . .

A new purse for momma (a $5 thrift store find . . . I LOVE LABELS - in Bellingham - worth the drive!!)

A huge crockpot full of our favorite fall soup and a crusty loaf of bread (homemade by Winco this morning) . .

(can be made on the stove or in a crock pot - I prefer the later as the house smells heavenly)

4 Tbl butter
2 small minced onion
6 cups cubed butternut squash
1/2 quarts chicken stock
3 cups cubed potatoes (I leave the skins on and no one will notice!!)
2 teas paprika

After crock potting for the whole day or simmering 35-40 min on the stove, carefully blend the hot mix
To finish, stir in a cup of whipping cream and salt and pepper to taste


And my fabulous photographer friend is even offering a fall photo special . . .

Check out her website . . . and you will see just how amazing she is! She is incredible at catching the real spirit of the family . . . no cheesy shots here! She did our family photos this year before spring and I treasure everyone . . . with the colors changing on the trees, Christmas cards coming up, and a sweet family - you really should check her out!!

All this to say, WELCOME FALL - we are glad you're here . . .

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  1. I got two pairs of practically-new GAP jeans at labels for $5 a piece last time I was in town. You're right- it rocks! :)

    Going to try your soup recipe-- sounds divine.

    Praying that this autumn offers peace and a respite for you and your sweet family after such a rocky year. I love you!


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