Thursday, September 30, 2010

Movie Day . . .

Once again, I'm in an asthma flare that requires a lot of sitting and nebbing . . . and no, it's not fun for me as an adult so it's ESPECIALLY not fun for a four and a half year old. BUT, I think I have the best four and a half year old in the entire world - she is loving and patience and sweet and wonderful . . . she comes along to doctors appointments, helps get medicine and takes good care of her momma. Yesterday, I was apologizing for not being more fun for the day. She replied, "Momma, don't say that . . . you are always fun!" It melts my heart to see how tender she has become.

Anyway, sappy story aside, she decided today would be movie day so we could do some nebbin, sittin and snugglin . . . in order to pick the perfect show, she set up a movie store for us . . .

I think every movie we own was stretched out across the floor . . . I did appreciate the nice rows she made (Sarah - does this count for anything in the home school guide book? Patterns? Math? OCD? :)

We had a wonderful day together. Thank you Haley for your patience with the "pesky asthma" (as we now call it in our house) and your great ideas to play!!

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  1. CRACKING UP. Girl, you know that's a geometry lesson at my house. ;)

    So sorry you're nebbing again. Do you have any idea how badly I want to sell my kids to the neighbors and come just BE with you???

    I love you so much. Hang in there!!!


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