Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Preschool "O" Day . . .

Hannah is having a fabulous time in second grade . . . has already made some new friends, enjoying the projects and papers and comes off the bus each day with fun stories from her classroom.

Haley and I are still having a wonderful time with preschool . . . and today was "O" day . . . did I mention before that the picking of the letter is done completely random each morning by Haley?!

Today Haley decided to make an O with her body, a puzzle of the Ocean, learn how to write an O, color Oscar the grouch the color Orange, break an Orange crayon with an uh Oh, Open the mailbox and ride her bike Outside . . .

The funniest part to me after a few days of the letter theme is how much Haley is getting into thinking up activities and making sure we "take a picture for our bloggety blog" . . . enjoying the time together!

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