Thursday, September 23, 2010

Two Days of "T" . . .

Haley and I picked another letter . . . and were having so much fun with it, we included Hannah after school and drew it out for two days . . .

Haley made a T with her body, helped some Twins find their class at MOPS (our neighbor is taking care of the cutest little twin girls and Haley loves being a helper!), had a Tea party, ate some Treats and not sure how the costume works with T but I think my little bug is hilarious and Terrific (and awfully adorable!)

The second "T" day, we went to cheer on the T-Birds as they Tried for Touchdowns . . . go Daddy Coach go!! It was a gorgeous fall day with the sun peeking out and a crisp breeze . . . the girls love to go to Dad's games . . . although they can't quite figure out why he has to yell so much?! The team lost the game but the greatest thing about little girls is that they had no idea the score or the details of all the plays - they just know they got so see Daddy coach and got to cheer him on and they were thrilled. A nice welcome home and perspective for Daddy - doesn't matter how crazy life gets or if you win or lose the game when you have two sweet girls who love you no matter what!!

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