Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Beautiful Group of Women

For the past fours and a half years, my life has been so blessed by MOPS. As my final year is coming to an end, I am feeling a bit of sadness, a bit of excitement to move on to the next chapter, and mostly lots and lots of memories and good times. There's not a magical formula to what makes MOPS so fabulous . . . but the biggest factor is the people. It's incredible to see what a bunch of women can do when they come together - they make fun crafts, they learn to be the best wives and moms possible, they grow, they share, they laugh, they cry, they take care of each other, they keep each other grounded, they create lasting lifetime friendships, they live life together, they meet at McDonald's for hours of mess free playing, they send emails and Facebook messages and texts and phone calls to stay connected, they make little changes that effect their whole family, they bring meals to each other, they have baby showers, they pray for each other, and each and every one is better because of MOPS . . .

I was hoping this picture would copy bigger . . . still working on it . . . but hope you can get the gist . . . there are 75 families represented here . . . each with a unique past, story, family, dream, and beautiful smile . . . Thank you MOPS for changing my life . . .

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