Monday, April 25, 2011

A Blessed Easter

What an incredible Easter we had this year. The girls woke up to special baskets full of surprises in their rooms then came downstairs to a plastic egg hunt. They were so excited!!

We got dressed up in our Easter best (the girls of course, the cutest in their new dresses . . . when did this tradition stop for adults? Maybe next year . . .)

Then we got in the car and drove to Church of the Beloved (the church were Ryan pastors) where we sang worship songs, listened to an incredible message, and then participated in Juniper's baptism . . . what a special day. She was so angelic and smiled during most of it. She looked endearingly into her Daddy's eyes as he welcomed her into her heavenly Daddy's kingdom . . .

Travis and I were so humbly honored to be asked to be this precious little girls godparents . . .I pray we are able to live up to such a title . . . praying for, guiding and showing her the love of Christ throughout her life.

After the service, we headed to Grandma Merry's house where we shared a wonderful meal and had a celebration for Mo's second birthday. He was a bit overwhelmed by the loud singing and clapping but successfully blew out the candles and smiled with pride at his accomplishment. We gave him a felt board a box full of felt stories he'll be able to enjoy with mommy and daddy and Grandma and Grandpa gave him a new trike!! Fun times to be a little boy!

Although the sun didn't peek out till the evening, it was a beautiful day to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and savior . . . He is risen and I for one am thankful He is!!

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