Friday, April 8, 2011

A Very Important Week

Hannah was selected this week as the VIP of her classroom . . . she got to bring a poster board full of pictures and a fun sharing item each day. For the grand finale today, she brought full hospital garb to represent her desire to be a doctor in the future . . .

Her classroom was full of great questions and she was so proud when it was over . . . go for your dreams girl - we can't wait to see what God has in store for you!!

On my end of the world, my breathing has much improved and even made it a whole day yesterday without the nebulizer!! Huge victory!! Because of being so worn down from the asthma flare, my immune system is pretty shot so I'm now fighting a cold . . . but I'll take a worn out cold over a hospital stay fighting to breath any day.

I'm looking wistfully out the window as the girls run around in the sun - they're digging in the dirt, swinging on the swings, yelling with glee . . . could anything be more fun?! With the sun comes everyone and their mower and fresh cut grass (although it's smell is nostalgic and wonderful) . . . cut grass equals bad breathing for momma so I'll be the window cheerleader and my poor pasty white skin will have to wait a bit longer for Vitamin D.

I pulled out a scrapbook of cards and well wishes that a friend put together for me last year during a time of great difficulty and I was so overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support . . . I can't begin to express how blessed we are and have been by people . . . truly being the hands and feet of Jesus to us in so many ways . . . my spirits were lifted in such a mighty way again . . . thank you for loving us so much and I pray we can be half as loving and encouraging to others as they have been to us!!

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