Monday, August 15, 2011

Canvas Project

I had a big bare wall . . . and some super cute pictures of my little girls taken a few years ago. What to do - what to do . . . another canvas project!!

1. Buy the canvas (I found 10 - 8x10 canvas for $20 at Michaels - used a coupon so it cost me only $10!!) and buy a paint color you like. Paint the edges and part of the inside that will frame the pictures (I squirt the paint onto a paper plate and use one of these foam type brushes - it goes on easier and quicker).

2. After the canvas are dry (and you've touched up any parts that look bare or splotchy), put mod podge all over the back of the picture and center it on the canvas. (You can enlarge or reduce any photo and color copy and it looks just like an original photo. You can do it yourself at Kinkos or get help for the same price at Office Depot - a safer bet for me as I don't have a degree in photocopying and won't waste my time or paper trying to figure it out!!)

3. Flip the canvas (picture side down) onto a clean counter top or wax paper and place some heavy books on top to dry.

4. Now comes the scary part - or at least was for me the first time I did a photo project on canvas - use another foam brush and brush mod podge all over the front of your picture in straight fluid lines. It will look super cloudy over your picture and you might feel as though you've ruined your precious memories . . . and you might even go into your closet to have a good cry . . . was that just me?! Just kidding . . . Why would you want to put this crazy stuff (that is sort of reminiscent of the kindergarten paste we all used) all over your picture? It helps to seal it or glue it down to the canvas and also creates a really cool finish.

5. When it's all dry - you'll know when the picture is clear again - use a hammer, some nails, a tape measure, and a level and make the magic happen . . .

The picture doesn't do it justice . . . I am so excited to have more pictures of my adorable daughters hung in such a fun way . . . and it feels like such an accomplishment to have created it myself - even without a professional degree in art!! Super easy and fun - you can do it too!!


  1. Ohhhh! I love this! Am going to try it, for sure!

  2. Great idea! Thanks for sharing. Feel free to link your project at my link party, Wallet-Friendly Wednesday:

    Can't wait to try this for myself!

  3. I absolutely love it! I've always wanted to give that a try...Nicely done my friend :)

  4. Karla! You have just inspired your photographer on how to display her own kids pictures. What a great idea! Brenda Ulinski - Bella Photography

  5. Thanks Brenda for amazing photos that inspired such a project!!


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