Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Habitat for Hermit Crabs

Yesterday we set out to create a new habitat for our hermit crabs. We started at Goodwill (based on a great tip from a friend) and found a tank/terrarium for $13 . . . love thrift stores!! Then off to Michael s for sand and crushed up shells and a cool climbing stick. Our final stop was Petco where we chose some bigger shells for when they need to up-grade . . . who knew there was so much detail to these little $8 guys. The girls had a blast cleaning out the new tank, filling it with sand, setting up all the new toys and watching Gem and Houdini explore their new digs . . .

Until we find a better place for these little guys, they are situated on an end table in our dining room . . . as we were eating dinner last night I discovered it is simultaneously fascinating and creepy to watch them craw and explore while you are digesting . . . leaning more towards the creepy side . . . . new spot needed fast!!

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