Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Fun New Snack Giveaway

I was recently given the opportunity to try and review a new product from Betty Crocker. They're called cereal treats and they are yummy!!

Travis loved the Golden Grahms flavor but for me, it was all about the Lucky Charms. As one of my favorite childhood cereals, I was excited to see the box in with the gift pack. With my current healthy eating plan, I figured there was no way I could eat this . . . although it does contain sugar and would only be a once in a while treat, it has only 100 calories!! (Way less than a serving of the cereal itself in a bowl with milk) I was also impressed that each of the boxes has two box tops . . . a great help to your kiddo's school.

I don't think I need to even mention how much Haley loved it . . . although I should post a picture of her excitement when she saw the box! Hannah is at grandma's so it was a perfect time to sample a gluten-filled treat!

Just for trying this new product and posting a review, I am able to give away one free gift pack to a blog reader who enters their name in the comment box . . . I'll contact you by email to get your mailing information and get your prize on it's way!! The prize pack contains two boxes of cereal bars, a great quality shoulder bag, a cute tube of colored pencils and a locker white board.

I can't wait to give this away . . . enter today!!


  1. What an awesome opportunity you had! And you know me...I always love to enter to win things :) Especially yummy treats

  2. What!!?? You have giveaways?! I need to be reading your blog more often! See you soon! Hugs! Kristal


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