Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Help

Want an incredibly moving, funny, powerful, thought provoking, historical, fantastic book to read? And want to watch an amazing movie that will make you laugh and cry and everything in between? You cannot miss The Help.

I love to read and have read many books this year but must say this is hands down one of my favorite . . . maybe ever. It is a can't-put-it-down book. It is a talk-about-with-your-friends book. And it is a won't-forget-for-a-long-time book.

As a huge fan of books, I am not usually a huge fan of movies based on books. They are usually a huge disappointment as the film industry can't do justice the literary depth and insight that the author can weave throughout the journey of the book. BUT, this movie is incredible. It does an amazing job of following the story line, it has perfectly cast and brings to life this beautiful book.

I saw the movie last night with a group of fabulous ladies who love to have fun. Could we just show up to such a movie in normal attire? Oh no . . . we decided to dress in period attire to add to the fun. It was a blast to dress as 50's housewives . . .

I found this perfect blue skirt and blazer at a vintage thrift store for $15 . . . paired with little bow heels and a long strand of pearls, I truly felt as though I'd entered a time machine. Although we looked ridiculously adorable together, I've decided to leave the other ladies anonymous . . . not everyone wants to share all their silliness with the whole world!! (But I must say it was a memorable evening . . . how often do stay-at-home moms get to play dress up, attend an incredible movie together, wipe tears together, and laugh out loud?)

You must go see the movie . . . and you must go read the book . . . you won't be disappointed (and go find yourself a proper housewife dress . . . who knows - we might start a comeback?!)

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