Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Day before Kindergarten

My little bug is heading off to Kindergarten in just a couple weeks. In order to get her ready, we spent a day buying a few new outfits, getting a haircut and ending with a special lunch at a local tea house . . .

Although I have mixed emotions about sending her off into the big wide world of public school . . . and unknown apprehension as to what my schedule will look like in the fall . . . she is so absolutely thrilled! It's fun to watch her anticipation grow and share in these special milestone memories. (Thanks Dave and Terri for thinking of us . . . we appreciate your sweet card and gift that made this day possible.)


  1. Oh my goodness...I can't believe she's already starting kindergarten! And her hair is super cute! Give her a big first day of school hug for me! Miss you guys bunches!

  2. Sweet hairstyle. :) Haley will just knock everyone's socks off- she's such a riot and a joy. Give her big hugs from us. (And here's a big hug to you- this transition will be hardest on you, I'm betting!)


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