Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Soccer Camp

We're experiencing another first as a family. Hannah is attending a Sounders Soccer half-day camp. It is coached by high school and college soccer players and she is having tons of fun . . .

They are running drills, playing games, learning some new tricks and continuing to foster the love of the game. Today they even got Sounders soccer ball bags and Sounders team shirts . . . she's super excited to wear the shirt tomorrow to camp.

Around the fields where they are practicing and playing is a huge track. I brought Haley's bike and we walked/biked the loop three times. She had a great time and I was equally impressed at my ability to walk so far so successfully - a giant victory!!

I want our kids to have lots of opportunities to explore lots of things. Hannah is really enjoying piano, reading, drawing, playing outside and many other things . . . but right now if you'd ask her, soccer is on top.

I think I'm destined to be a mini-van driving soccer mom . . . at least for today.

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