Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Things Kids Say

These girls in my house are constantly saying things that make us laugh but today in particular, they have been hilarious and I just had to share . . .

This morning at Sounders Camp Hannah came over and said, "Soccer . . . a time of laughter, a time of pain."

And this afternoon, I was outside on the deck chair reading while the girls played on the swing set. Haley came over and said, "Mom, put away your magazine please. You have me to worry about." (Boy - don't you know it sista)

And as we speak (or I blog and you read) they are running around the back yard yelling, "Here buggy buggy buggy . . ." attempting to catch flies, with their bare hands, to feed the little tree frog they found earlier and put into a box with holes . . . a temporary habitat until they have to free him tonight.

Not everyday around here is funny . . . some are just plain crazy. . . but for today, I'll enjoy the laughs and try not to laugh to hard out loud at the serious attempts for buggies . . .

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