Wednesday, April 14, 2010


So many a friend know that I'm in "recovery" from my recent bought with asthma and steroids for asthma - a necessary-at-the-time-but-proven-to-be-horrible-combination . . . and are recommending and loaning books and movies . . . I'm ridiculously slow at reading right now (a total rarity for me?!) but have been flying though the movies . . . on Monday night I fell asleep at 8:30pm . . . last night, Tuesday, however, I was awake for a little longer and thought I'd try Medea's Family Reunion - a movie lent to me by a dear neighbor/MOPS/walking friend who said "Can't believe you haven't seen this! You've got to watch it." Now mind you this woman (Christine) is also somewhat of a movie expert as she hosts well attended monthly movie nights for her girlfriends and does a very good job picking fun for all films . . . so I was excited . .

And then I watched it . . . and I couldn't believe how emotional it was!! I loved the Medea character and wished we'd all parent a little more like her (we'd sure see more respect in our Chiclets) but was surprised by the depth of life in all the rest of the characters - from strong physical abuse to single parenting, this movie touched on it all . . . and not in a simple Hollywood way - but with depth and shocking reality . . . so overall, I was surprised . . . it was not what I was expecting and I'm not sure I'd seek out more of the same - it was totally worth the watch and had LOTS of discussion topics but not a carefree laid back film . . .

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