Friday, April 16, 2010

Good Medicine


Medically, I have been through the ringer lately . . . with an asthmatic flareup, I earned myself one trip to the ER, two stints in the hospital and more appointments and medicine than I can count . . . some doctors are mediocre - meaning it's hard to make an appointment with them and hard to get your questions answered and difficult to feel a part of your own medical process.
This is not the case with Carolyn Freed at the Grove Street Clinic . . . she is a nurse practitioner and is able to serve as a primary care doctor which she has been for the entire Marsh family for the last three years . . . I have always appreciated her and always thought she's wonderful but recently have found her one-of-a-kind. She is incredible with our girls and allows them to be a big part of their own bodies when she does check ups by telling them what she is doing is why . . . she's gotten my hubby (who doesn't much like going to the doctor) to go to the doctor when needed . . . and she has given me power and dignity and grace during this very difficult time medically - I'd recommend her to anyone and everyone.
She, as a nurse practitioner, is able to preform 99.9% that which a doctor can preform (shots, checkups, wart removals etc) but is not afraid of her limits and knows when and where to send you to a specialist when needed . . .
I personally appreciate the depth of education I receive every time I go there - she will keep you for an appointment as long as needed and you leave knowing what medicine you're going to take and why or if you need a follow up and where and when that will happen. The nursing assistants are fabulous and even the scheduling/billing person is kind.
Her office is located out of an old house and feels exactly that - homey . . . complete with a fire place!! She has "walk in" capabilities but you're sure to get great care by making an appointment . . . I love this office - appreciate this staff and totally recommend this office!!

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