Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spa Sisters

My sweet baby sister is getting married - okay - maybe you're not allowed to call them your "baby" sister when you're only three years apart but I love her to pieces and am so excited to be a part of the next step in her journey . . . and the next step brought us to Gene Juarez salon and spa in downtown Seattle for a day of pampering and feeling like princesses!!

We were greeted with friendly faces, cozy robes to put on and lots of water features - this is just one and the photo does it no justice - just glancing at this picture takes me back to the joy of our day!! We changed into robes and were lead to the "relaxation room" where a sweet spa employee had prepared us feet soak bowls and offered us water with lemon or tea.

From the relaxation room, we were called to each of our spa treatments separately and to say we didn't feel like royalty would be a lie - sometimes we'd pass in the hallway between treatments and sometimes we'd go it alone but if you can dream it, we had it today - from facials (obviously a seaweed product?!) to spa pedicures that lasted over an hour in a huge comfy recliner chair to manicures and hot stones massages - we lived it up - she's only getting married once and I only get to be the maid of honor once so we had a blast.

Halfway through the treatments, we were reunited for a spa luncheon (we both ordered the cobb salad with raspberry iced tea and herb bread to go with us) - we had so much fun re-hashing the morning and enjoying the season of life we were both in.
We ended the day upstairs in the salon portion - Melissa got a bridal makeover complete with hair style and makeup application and I got a hair dye (not out of the box this time!!!) and a hair cut for the summer - we were both very pleased with the results and so relaxed we forgot to take after pixs . . . oh well - I don't think we'll be forgetting this day anytime soon - and although we're not in budgets that allow this treatment every month, it was so heavenly to pretend for 12 hours and soooo nice to bless my sister with a day to feel like the princess she is and queenly wife she's about to become - love ya Melissa!!

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