Wednesday, April 21, 2010

my "talents"

I was watching "Tinker Bell" with my kiddos this afternoon (one of my favorite kids movies) and was reminded to embrace my talents (and in the movie she tries hard to be so many things she's not to discover how much success she can have when she is herself) . . . because of all the medical bills, I've decided to put my talents to use in a practical way - I like to crochet - and have come up with some unique designs that have been complimented on recently . . . in the past I've made these items pictured below for gifts but why not make them now for profit?! What do I have to lose? Why not me? So . . . don't feel pressured - this blog WILL NOT turn into a selling website - I'm only going to show them this once - but if you're interested (or have a friend or family member who is interested . . .) email me what product and color choice and you will have your item handed or shipped to you in 7-10 day . . . email me at Your total order will have a $3-10 shipping cost added on size of items if they are being shipped but tax is free (and yes - best friend's husband who works for the IRS - I will claim this on my taxes if it qualifies as a business come tax season next year!!)

TAGGY BALL - I made this one pictured above medium size for my nephew for his first birthday and can't wrestle it out of my kids hands (ages 6 and 4) - they are loving climbing and throwing and sitting and laying on it - small(one pillow form) $15
medium(two pillow forms) $25
jumbo(three pillow forms) $35

These sweet little ballet skirts can be made in any size from newborn to adult . . . I can make them in any color and they look CUTE on kids - from bitty to big . . .
newborn/baby - $20
toddler/kid - $30

And last but not least - these are tote bags . . . Hannah owns the reddish/pinkish one and has used it as a backpack ever since she received it . . . and has three of her friends wanting them for birthday gifts . . . they are sturdy yet sweet . . . and have a really cute ribbon bow at the top allowing for the ability to cinch if so desired . . .
tote bag $15
Okay - that's it . . . some random talents of myself that may or may not excite you and anyone you know for purchase . . . and if not, at least enjoy the eBay like motivation I got from a kids movie . . .

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