Monday, April 19, 2010


Just wanted to throw this out as it's so fresh in my mind - parenting is really hard . . . and sometimes I don't do a very good job of it . . . and sometimes I want to sell the children God has given to me . . . the ones I am so thankful for on some days . . . and the same ones I want to torture other days . . .

Maybe I'm the only one to think so . . . but something tells me I'm not . . . and something tells me it's okay not to feel like I do a great job every day . . . and it's okay to feel like my kids are not wonderful everyday . .

And yet, I marvel that our heavenly father never wavers in His love and patience for us - no matter how many mistakes I make . . . and although I should come to some deep spiritual conclusion in all of this, mostly I just feel so glad I'm not God and have to deal with an endless supply of children to be annoyed by . . .

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