Monday, April 19, 2010

Book Review

I have been sooo slow on reading lately as my brain is still mushy from all the medicine the last couple months but finally have one finished to review . . . it is on loan from my sister and I saw the movie first ( a definite no no) . . . I'm usually a 100% book before movie girl but in this case, it just happened that way.

The book is called "The Notebook" and written by Nicolas Sparks . . .

The movie was sweet and brought many tears but the book . . . wow - what a love story and reminder of our marriage vows - "in sickness and health" . . . our marriage has currently been tested in this area as well. It's not fun . . . and it's not easy . . . but, by the grace of God, when you have a commitment to each other - no matter what you're going through - then you can find joy in the muck and your love for each other only grows past expectation . . .

This book is tender and sweet and strong and has a message for each of us - true love doesn't look like Hollywood or a romance novel would lead you to believe . . .

As far as the writing style, Nicolas Sparks has not been my favorite in the past - I've found him to be to much on the fluffy side . . . this one, however, I really enjoyed. My favorite of his written is actually a true story and called "Three Weeks With My Brother" and I'd definitely recommend you read that one! Happy reading!

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