Thursday, April 15, 2010

April Fools . . . a little late

This morning I had the rare opportunity to return a favor to my sweet and fabulous neighbor Mandi who helps me out constantly. She needed childcare for her older daughter for about half an hour - this included breakfast so I put on my Martha Stewart hat and pulled out the "fancy mix" from the pantry (notice the "real nut and bananas" - that means special right?!)

Anyway, I poured the powered mix into a bowl and felt very home-maker-ish . . I read the back for the last minute directions and a short list including oil and water and two eggs. Everything was planned for the perfect mom morning (and we know what God likes to do when WE try to plan instead of letting Him) and to my great surprise -when I tried to crack the eggs, they were hard boiled and no one had bothered to tell me . . .

Nice - muffins for the little ones not gonna happen - luckily I had freezer strudel with apple pie filling with frosting topper - the kids could have cared less and I got over my disappointed expectations . . it got really funny and also a great bloggedty blog tale!!

PS - Travis - if you read this before you get home, we need eggs!!

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