Sunday, March 14, 2010


Today I got the most amazing gift - a two hour visit with my sweet first grader Hannah . . . I have been so lonely the last couple days (my parents are in Arizona, my in-laws have been taking care of the girls, Travis has been fighting a cold, and with blood pressure rising, they've restricted friends from coming by) . . . I've shed a few tears as I miss my people around me - I have been so blessed with lifelong friendships and support teams galore and can't describe how important the emails and texts and cards and well wishes have been but it's not the same as face time with someone you cherish . . . and I cherish Hannah. Little sister Haley was home having a nap with grandma as sitting still is not her forte but Hannah came for two hours of pure snuggling joy!!

She brought a clipboard full of paper, some pencils and some great ideas. We mapped out our family tree and she asked me lots of questions about where everyone came from, we played lots of tic tac toe, the dot game, the line game (in which someone draws a crazy line and the other person has to make something logical out of it - she had lots of creative solutions for the wacky lines I threw at her - the funniest however, was a lima bean shape she merely circled and labeled 'potato') and we concluded with a drawing lesson - her picture is on the right and she walked me through step by step how to draw this smiling baby.
Her third tooth to get wiggly is about to fall out - I tried to convince her how cool it would be to pull it out in the hospital with mommy and my nurse even brought her a special container and some gauze but she'd hear none of it - she did enjoy poking it out almost straight out front - and making me laugh . . .

She was amazed by the food service - by dialing five eights on my phone, we can order anything we want and just like Eloise in the plaza, they bring it on a covered tray and we "charge it"!! They heard my little girl was here for lunch so they included a chocolate chip cookie and brownie on the tray just for fun. Her favorite sandwich is egg salad just like her Nana's was so of course, that's what we ate . . . she also got a little cold at one point (i keep spiking fevers so have my room pretty cool) . . . she was blown away when we could merely push a button and a hot blanket would be delivered right to us and even tucked us in!!

My beautiful six and a half year old miracle baby - my heart - my sweetness - amazingly after she left and we had lots of hugs and smooches, the nurse came in and took my vitals and my blood pressure had gone back down almost to normal - the first time in three days - she said I think all that sweetness in your bed did something for you - I know it did - thank you Lord for this beautiful girl you gave me - continue to nurture her tender spirit - I know God has great plans for her life and I'm so humbled to have been given a front row seat to watch the action!!

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