Thursday, March 18, 2010

Up in the Air

Let me begin by noting that George Clooney is an incredibly attractive man . . . he doesn't compare, of course, to my husband, but on a totally different scale, he has the most perfect jaw and muscular structure and face and . . . wow . . . he's very attractive!

This movie initially turned me off, as most R will, by the over excessive use of the F word - I find it very frustrating in modern books and movies that authors and screenwriters feel the only way you'd differentiate them from children's material is by the use of profanity . . . as an intellectual adult with amazing capabilities for abstract thought, I'm not fooled . . . tone down the language, take a less "shocking" rating of PG-13 and everyone is happy.
With that off my chest, I actually enjoyed this movie - definitely wouldn't put it on my list of top ten ever but glad I saw it - it was quite witty in parts and I enjoyed the theme of age and experience that continued through the picture . . .thought often of my dads place of work in which he is now one of the 'old bucks' he used to speak of . . . he's been there to long to listen to new ideas but long enough to be way overqualified than the management staff half his age that just got hired . . . overall this movie was a 6 for me - glad i saw it, wouldn't buy it, might recommend it, if you missed it it's ok, but if you see it, you'll probably laugh at a line or two . . . and you could always watch it on mute and see George Clooney . . . did I mention he looks very attractive in this film?!
ratings spoiler - inuendo and some rear nudity, f words and a few other 'offenses'

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