Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Everybody's Fine

For the sake of science, I'll continue blogging as I complete each project . . . this one, I started this AM, (technically yesterday AM) got distracted with other things and finished while nebbing now, in the middle of the night . . . due to a ridiculous pull towards an audience that doesn't exist, I'll capture my feelings about this film at this ridiculous time of the night . . .

I rented this movie from the Red Box outside of seven eleven on the way home from the hospital yesterday because it looked interesting on the box and I like Robert DeNiro. This is a sweet, tender tale of a fathers attempt to truly "see" his adult children for who they are after his wife passes away. It is slow but emotionally spot on with some of the challenges of growing up family . . . the ultimate message of pure parental love and acceptance rings true and made me miss my mom and dad (who are in Arizona for spring training). I wanted to find them and hug them after this movie and thank them for raising me the best they could while still discovering what it means to love an adult daughter. It also made me want to open my eyes wider while my children were still small and truly "see" and appreciate them for their individuality and strengths. The bonus side bar for this movie is a friend/acquaintance from high school (Mattie Hawkinson) made a speaking appearance as a girl in a art studio near the end - she looked familiar then when I watched the credits roll, saw her name!! Way to go sister friend - remember I came to your birthday party in the fifth grade?! I grew up watching you in talent shows and plays . . . I knew you when!? Any Hollywood perks coming my way?!
Overall, I'd recommend this film if you're looking for a touching drama - not for laughs but certainly heart warming with true sentiment and good fuzzy family feelings.

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  1. lovin the reviews! haven't seen either of your two choices yet. I do owe you a visit with cards and goodies. Today is the day. I will leave it on the porch sometime today and yell some good wishes through the window. Keep your chin up. happy st patricks day, for whatever that is worth! Are you wearing green?


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